Practical Consulting for Schools & Academies

Supporting Schools and Academies with Strategic Planning

As a long-term school governor with a business background at managing director level, I help governing boards create effective strategic plans, agree plans for implementation and transition through change.

  • Auditing

    Using the Inteta “Strategic Health Check report” establishing “where we are now”

  • Planning Tools

    Establish current situation using SWOT and PESTLE analysis

    Options for the future using ANSOFF and BCG

    Operational improvement using LEAN THINKING TECHNIQUES

  • Facilitation

    Working with Governing Boards to establish:

    • Mission, vision and ethos
    • A 3-5 year strategy
    • Milestones
    • An implementation plan
    • Progress to date
  • Mentoring

    Supporting trustees, governing boards and school business managers to deliver their core responsibilities on strategy and financial performance

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Multi Academy Trust Transitions

If your school is transitioning to become a member of a Multi Academy Trust, I can help you ensure the common and clear strategy across all members of the MAT that’s essential for success.

The value of bringing business experience to Governing Boards

The 3 core responsibilities of all governing boards are:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Holding the head teacher to account for educational performance of the school and its pupils and the performance management of staff
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure that it’s money is well spent

This demands a mix of skills that not every Governing Board can find amongst its own members. In particular, many governing boards lack members with strategic experience. This has been widely recognised. Lord Nash, Under-Secretary of State with responsibility for school governance, has stated:

Governing boards are crucial to the success of our schools. Setting strategic direction is one of their core functions, but recent research shows that many find this challenging”. 

The challenges faced by today’s schools are very familiar to senior business managers. By bringing in someone with proven experience in tackling these challenges effectively in a business environment, schools can fill the skills gap and get the input they need in order to take the school forward successfully.

For more detail on why a business approach is becoming increasingly essential to schools and how to move to such an approach, you can download our free guide by completing the form above.


About Me

My name is Ian Mackintosh. I’ve been a school governor for over 15 years, first in Cambridge, then in Market Harborough and now in Macclesfield. My business experience includes senior manager and managing director roles in a number of complex businesses. Before setting up my own business improvement consultancy, my most recent employed role was as the Managing Director of a £10m business in Stockport.


“Working with Ian is highly productive”

“The only thing you really need to know about Ian is this: if he says he will do it, then it’s already done.”

“Brings clarity to complex situations.”

“A structured and inclusive planner with the ability to keep a project moving along without seeming relentless or pushy.”

“Understanding and pragmatic.”

“A hardworking, dedicated and challenging manager.”


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